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3 up 3 down Racking System - Both Levels Raised

3 up 3 down Racking System - Both Levels Raised


Racking System with both levels raised from the ground.

Includes racking and 6 auto-tilt stillages

Cask Sizes
Up to 18 gallon casks on both levels.

Rack Length
The Standard Rack Length is 1750mm and allows for the use of any size cask on both levels up to 18 Gallons max. If only 9 Gallon casks are to be used and the standard lenght rack is too long, we can offer a shorter length rack 1580mm at an additional charge.

Rack Height
18 gallon casks on both levels - 1765mm 18 gallon casks on lower level & 9 gallon casks on upper level - 1665mm 9 gallon casks on both levels - 1565mm

This type of rack is supplied when the casks are to be loaded using a separate lift truck. With both levels raised off the floor the front wheels of the truck can pass underneath the lower beam when loading.

Lift Truck
The use of a lift truck for loading is recommended but not essential if only 9 gallon casks are to be used. However if you do intend to manually lift casks on to the rack (2 man lift) we recommend a system using floor stillages on the lower level as this reduces the height to the upper level of stillages. A distance of 1200mm minimum is required in front of the rack to operate the lift truck. The floor needs to be reasonable level with no pits or gullies in the truck operating area. The overall height of the lift truck is 1700mm. If your ceiling height is below this dimension please call for further advice.

Delivery & Installation
Prices quoted include delivery by courier and will require self assembly. Full assembly instructions and the necessary fixing bolts will be supplied. Should you require delivery and installtion please call or email us and we will give you a price for this. Our delivery and installtion prices vary depending on how close the installtion site is to our premises in Sussex.


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