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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you manufacture your own equipment?
All our stillages and lift trucks are manufactured at our factory in Horsham. Kayel Brewery Supplies was initially set up as Kayel Engineering back in 1966. We are one of the only stillage companies to actually manufacture their own product and ensure all our equipment meets our high levels of quality.

How much beer will a stillage save me?

Whilst it is difficult to say how much a stillage will save you because this will depend on what ullage you are currently leaving, we can say that due to the efficient tilt angle of our stillages, ullage will be below 2 pints in most casks including the sediment. In some cases, when fairly bright beers are dispensed, ullage below one pint can be achieved.

What maintenance does a stillage require?
Whilst all stillages will operate without ever applying any lubrication, like all mechanical objects they will work better if oil is applied occasionally. On mechanical spring stillages we recommend the pivots points and springs are lubricated using of a light grade oil and not grease.

Do you supply stillages fitted with wheels so I can move them around the cellar?
Whilst we do not supply stillages fitted with wheels as standard, we can supply these if required. However, when wheels are fitted to the stillage, the overall height of the stillage increases making the loading more difficult. Once loaded a stillage fitted with wheels can only be moved before the beer has conditioned as attempts to move it after it has settled will disturb the sediment.

Do I need a lift truck or can I manually lift cask in to a two tier rack?
Whilst we would always recommend the use of a lift truck, it is possible for two people to manually lift a 9 gallon cask on to the upper tier of a rack. As a 9 gallon casks weighs just below 50Kgs, this is a shared load of 25kgs per person which is within the safe lifting limit. Where any cask larger than 9 gallons is used, lifting equipment should be used.

Can you supply custom length two tier racks?
Whilst we stock a range of standard length racks, we can modify these to make racks of any length. As the length of our standard racks allow 18 gallon casks to be used, we are sometimes asked to reduce the length of these racks when only 9 gallon casks are used. In the online shop you will find dimensions of both standard and modified racks. If, for any reason, you require an alternative size then please contact us and we will offer advice. We recommend that where possible standard length racks should be installed as an additional charge is made when we need to make any modifications.

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