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3 up 3 down Racking System

3 up 3 down Racking System


Racking System with Floor Standing Stillages on the lower level.

Includes Racking and 6 auto-tilt stillages

Cask Sizes
Upper Tier - 9 Gallon casks Lower Tier - 9,10,11,18 and 22 Gallon casks

Rack Length
The Standard Rack Length is 1750mm and allows for the use of any size cask on the lower level up to 22 Gallons max. If only 9 Gallon casks are to be used on the lower level a reduced rack 1525mm can be supplied at an additional charge.

Rack Height
The height to the top of a tilted 9 gallon cask on the upper tier is approximately 1600mm. If 9 gallon casks are to be used on both levels the upper tier of the rack can be lowered by 100mm make the overall height required 1500mm

Stillage Type
Mechanical Spring Auto-Tilt Stillages are supplied for both levels.

This type of rack is ideal where a double row of casks is required but a lift truck is not required. The Floor Standing Stillages can be loaded by simply tipping the casks back onto the stillage whilst the 9 gallon casks can be manually lifted on to the upper tier (2 man lift).

Lift Truck
The system does not include a Lift Truck for loading but if a Standard length rack is ordered a Lift truck could be used to load the upper tier if required. However, we recommend that a racking System with both levels raised from the cellar floor should be ordered if a Lift Truck is required.


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